Better Libraries

CUPE BC President Paul Faoro is asking for support for Better Libraries, a CUPE campaign to reopen libraries. Many public libraries, including Surrey Public Library and Vancouver Public Library, remain closed with no plans to reopen for some months. Paul Faoro says, “With library spaces and services closed, thousands of workers remain on lay-off when most, if not all, could be back at work.” He encourages “everyone that values our public libraries to visit and to please take a moment to send a message to your mayor and council. Let them know you want more public library services and programs reopened with proper protective measures.”

Please note the emphasis on reopening libraries where staff remain out of work, and opening with proper protective measures. Check out the Better Libraries campaign.

Labour Management Update

Thanks so much for your patience, everyone.

Today the Labour Management Committee and our CUPE National Representative, Jordana Feist, met with FVRL Senior Management and their legal representative. Although we don’t have details to share yet, we can tell you this:

The Employer understands that there are many issues to be addressed

They listened to the concerns that you have raised with the 1698 Executive and the Labour Management Committee.

FVRL Management is looking to the Union’s Labour Management  Committee to speak on behalf of the Membership, so please continue to share your thoughts with us by using the Contact form .

Expect more in the days to come.

Please continue to be patient, and kind to yourselves and others. Continue to socially distance. Take some time away from social media and the news, and take care of you!

We’ll share what we can as soon as it’s shareable.

Laurie Dyck, CUPE 1698 President

COVID-19 Update

Hello, CUPE 1698 Members.

FVRL Management is in the process of communicating its current COVID-19 response to all staff, including casuals on call. Details have been shared at the CUPE 1698 Facebook group, but you’ll get more information from your supervisor or manager.

If you have questions, concerns, or need specific guidance, please contact your supervisor or manager.

1698’s leadership will continue to monitor and respond to FVRL Management’s plans. We will update this website and our Facebook page when we have information to share with our membership.

Laurie Dyck

CUPE 1698

COVID-19 and CUPE 1698

To Our Members

Your Local Executive is taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously. We are monitoring developments in Canada and the world. We will be meeting with Library Management in the coming days to discuss issues surrounding this pandemic as they effect Fraser Valley library workers. We will keep you apprised of the outcome of these talks as soon as we have concrete information.

Please continue to follow us on our Facebook, check here, or contact us for the latest developments.

Laurie Dyck
Local 1698

Trial vs. Probation – New Collective Agreement

To All Members
There is new language in our New Collective Agreement that may affect your decisions during this current round of Job Postings.

Your Bargaining Committee was able to eliminate the second probation period – the one casual members went through upon being the successful applicant to their first permanent posting.

From now on, there is only one Probation Period, which is served when you are first hired by FVRL. Once you have successfully completed this Probation Period, any time you change jobs, you serve a Trial Period.

During a Trial Period for a Permanent position, you can apply for a different Permanent or Temporary position.

If you are in a Temporary position, the Collective Agreement language is unchanged, but also unchanged is the right of all employees to apply for a Permanent position at any time.

If you have any questions about how this may affect you, please use the Contact Us link to send us a message.

Savings for CUPE Members

CUPE BC has announced a savings app for our members. It’s called Endless Savings and More, and you can download it from your app store for free. To log in, you’ll need a code; use the contact form below or join the CUPE 1698 Facebook group to get it!

Collective Bargaining at CUPE 1698

Thanks to all who have given their email addresses to us for Collective Bargaining updates and surveys! If you missed your opportunity to do this, it’s not too late; you can submit your personal email address using the Contact Us form on this website.

Here are the next steps in the Collective Bargaining process:

  • Our Bargaining Committee has already met with Zoe Magnus, our CUPE National Rep. Zoe explained how bargaining works, and discussed timelines. She also helped us review and tailor CUPE BC’s bargaining issues template to suit our needs. Your personal email addresses will be used to distribute that survey, so that you can complete the form and submit it to your Bargaining Committee.
  • Our current contract will be reviewed to identify any clauses that could be improved.
  • The Bargaining Committee will:
    • receive your survey responses. If the suggestions in your response are related to a specific point or section in the Collective Agreement, please include that section by title or number;
    • review the survey, collate the results, and craft proposals based on your suggestions;
    •   contact management to establish dates for negotiations.

Stay tuned for more information from the  Bargaining Committee: Robin Braidwood, Laurie Dyck, John Kemp and Dennis Neumann.