CUPE Hours Claim Form

If you have booked time off from your regularly scheduled shifts to do work for CUPE 1698, CUPE National, or CUPE BC, you can use the CUPE Hours Claim Form to report your hours worked to the CUPE 1698 Treasurer. The Treasurer reimburses our Employer or charges the relevant CUPE body to ensure that we’re paying and being paid properly for your work.

Some examples of hours you can report using this form:

  • Doing the work of a CUPE 1698 committee, for meetings or activities
  • Working with the CUPE 1698 Secretary to organize the storage unit
  • Participating on a CUPE BC or CUPE National Committee
  • Representing the local at a CUPE convention or sectoral conference (Policy Manual, p. 6)
  • Attending union education, through CUPE or the Canadian Labour Congress (Policy Manual, p. 6)
  • Attending a CUPE 1698 Executive meeting (Policy Manual, p. 2)

This form is fillable online, but is not printable.

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