Trial vs. Probation – New Collective Agreement

To All Members
There is new language in our New Collective Agreement that may affect your decisions during this current round of Job Postings.

Your Bargaining Committee was able to eliminate the second probation period – the one casual members went through upon being the successful applicant to their first permanent posting.

From now on, there is only one Probation Period, which is served when you are first hired by FVRL. Once you have successfully completed this Probation Period, any time you change jobs, you serve a Trial Period.

During a Trial Period for a Permanent position, you can apply for a different Permanent or Temporary position.

If you are in a Temporary position, the Collective Agreement language is unchanged, but also unchanged is the right of all employees to apply for a Permanent position at any time.

If you have any questions about how this may affect you, please use the Contact Us link to send us a message.