Collective Bargaining at CUPE 1698

Thanks to all who have given their email addresses to us for Collective Bargaining updates and surveys! If you missed your opportunity to do this, it’s not too late; you can submit your personal email address using the Contact Us form on this website.

Here are the next steps in the Collective Bargaining process:

  • Our Bargaining Committee has already met with Zoe Magnus, our CUPE National Rep. Zoe explained how bargaining works, and discussed timelines. She also helped us review and tailor CUPE BC’s bargaining issues template to suit our needs. Your personal email addresses will be used to distribute that survey, so that you can complete the form and submit it to your Bargaining Committee.
  • Our current contract will be reviewed to identify any clauses that could be improved.
  • The Bargaining Committee will:
    • receive your survey responses. If the suggestions in your response are related to a specific point or section in the Collective Agreement, please include that section by title or number;
    • review the survey, collate the results, and craft proposals based on your suggestions;
    •   contact management to establish dates for negotiations.

Stay tuned for more information from the  Bargaining Committee: Robin Braidwood, Laurie Dyck, John Kemp and Dennis Neumann.